“To create competent, humane and compassionate health care professionals through excellence in holistic education, health care and research” is the vision of the KIST Medical College and Teaching Hospital which was established in 2006. Situated at Imadol, with a beautiful view of the mountains, the college strongly believes in creating a good academic environment.

I joined the KIST Department of Forensic Medicine as a lecturer in 2010. It was a great challenge to establish a new department in an emerging private institution. Since the KIST Medical College is affiliated to the Institute of Medicine (IOM) of the Tribhuvan University and is in the Kathmandu Valley, our students have the opportunity of their forensic practical posting at the Department of Forensic Medicine of the IOM.

Our department has a laboratory with specimens for teaching and learning purposes. With the increase in the number of doctors with a post-graduate degree posted in the departments of forensic medicine of the different medical colleges of the country and the birth of MELESON, we now have a goal not just to nourish our students but to help strengthen the overall medico-legal services that our departments can provide to a greater segment of the country’s population.

Whatsoever the challenges we may face, our future plan is to begin autopsy and other medico-legal services that can help both the criminal and civil justice systems of the country.  We have already forwarded a proposal to the management of the institution for establishing a competent medico-legal department with the necessary manpower, infrastructure and required equipment. This first newsletter, which has the aim of introducing ourselves, our institutions, MELESON, and of convincing all the stake holders of the medico-legal system of the country that this field has been neglected for far too long, will certainly help in this common endeavor of ours.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank MELESON and applaud the hard work by the executive members. We now have a base-camp platform to begin our common journey from, the journey of developing the field of forensic medicine in Nepal that we all have chosen to pursue.

Dr. Amshu Pradhan

Assistant Professor, Department of Forensic Medicine, KISTMCTH


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