There is one issue that all Latin American nations have in common despite their vast differences: a love of joyous festivities and respect for family and friends. Latin Americans are renowned for their distinctive way of celebrating, from ornate attire to conventional cuisine.

Here are 4 enjoyable welcome customs to keep in mind for people planning a Italian bridal.

It is customary for the groom to give his bride 13 gold coins ( called arras ) as a wedding gift in much of Spain and Latin America. These bridal pennies represent Christ and his 12 disciples, as well as the groom’s pledge to provide for his future wife monetarily.

Additionally, during a dance known as el Baile del Billete, which means” the money dance,” it is very common for guests to pin money to the couple using safety pins during the wedding reception. This custom does last four to five music, depending on how many folks want to dance with the bride or groom!

Additionally, it is crucial for the handful that they are surrounded by close friends and family during their service. For this reason, padrinos and madrinas are frequently present at a couple’s wedding ceremony. These are frequently specific individuals who serve as the couple’s godparents and you assist with some of the more formal marriage day activities, like el lazo or new arras. Before and after the couple’s large morning, the padrinos and madrinas serve as mentors.


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