On 2072 Mangsir 11 (Nov 27, 2015) Medico-Legal Society of Nepal (MELESON), a first of its kind in Nepal, was registered with CDO Kathmandu and the members of the Society were registered as annual and life members.

Practicing Forensic Pathologists and post graduate students in MD in Forensic Medicine are eligible for member of the Society. On 2073-01-27 (9th may 2016) first General Meeting was held at Training Hall, National Health Training Center, Teku, Kathmandu where 35 members participated. Extensive discussion was carried out between members present, on possible activities of the society which could help develop and provide medico-legal services to the public.

Attorney General of Nepal, Mr. Hari Phuyal was invited as Chief Guest for the General Meeting who emphasized a need of such Society for organizing activities with an aim to improve medico-legal sector of Nepal. An assurance by Attorney General on behalf of Attorney General’s Office for the  improvement in medico-legal field of Nepal was received as a verbal note.