Medico-legal Society of Nepal is the umbrella organisation of all forensic practitioners in Nepal. In furtherance of the aims of the society to help develop the medico-legal field in Nepal, the Society and its members have been actively involved in developing the knowledge and skill of medical practitioners in Nepal, by conducting trainings and advocacy programs throughout Nepal. The Society has also been instrumental in developing National Guidelines, Training Manuals and Standard Operating Procedures for Medical Management of Gender-Based Violence, in collaboration with Ministry of Health and Population.

In spite of these developments, the number of alleged cases of GBV as well as associated media scrutiny has seen a drastic increase in recent times. While this has helped increase the awareness of GBV in the general public, there are still many hurdles for the survivors. These include the lack of awareness of legal provisions for GBV amongst the medical professionals as well as the general public, lack of co-ordination with the stakeholders, as well as lack of social, financial and legal assistance.

Nepal Police estimates show 53 cases of violence against women and children are reported every day, including seven rapes, in Nepal.

  Domestic Violence Rape Attempted Rape
2017-18 1480 727
2018-19 14,774 2230 786
2019-20 2144 687

Between February 13 and May 14 2021, 4,773 cases were reported to Nepal Police, including allegations of witchcraft, kidnapping and murder. Domestic Violence and Rape accounted for 88% of these cases. The lockdown has been attributed to have drastically decreased the number of cases reported, with 1,561 cases being registered in 10 days preceding the lockdown, compared to only 362 in the first three weeks of the lockdown. Similarly, WOREC recorded 200 cases between April 29 and May 29, decreased from 221 cases between March 14 and April 13.

Other attributes of sexual and reproductive health also require urgent attention. Reports have shown that only 48% women (15-49 years) participate in the decisions-making regarding health care, contraception and sex. Additionally, nearly 40% of Nepali girls marry before the age of 18 and one in every three women experience physical or sexual violence.

The UNFPA report – ‘My Body is My Own’ shows that of the 900 women surveyed, only 9% of women were aware of legal provisions against marital rape, 13% were aware of laws against domestic violence, and 25% were aware of services for survivors. Additionally, 48% of women experienced some form of violence, 27% having been subjected to physical violence and 15% being subjected to sexual violence. However, 61% of the women subjected to violence had never spoken about the violence with anyone, let alone report it to police.

To help mitigate this ongoing crisis, MeLeSoN will conduct an online competition for medical, dental, nursing and para-medical students to help increase awareness as well as advocate for sexual and reproductive rights.

Medicos against Gender Based Violence

Medico-Legal Society of Nepal (MeLeSoN)

Medical/Dental/Nursing/Ayurveda/Public Health students

Online – Zoom

  • General Objectives
    Increase awareness about the Gender Based Violence
  • Specific Objectives
    Develop knowledge about legal remedies for GBV survivors
    Advocate about the medical management of GBV
    Dispel myths surrounding GBV
    Promote pursuit of Medical Management of GBV by survivors

Rules and regulations
  1. This in an online event and submission should be done in
  2. Submission deadline is 30th August 2021.
  3. Maximum time limit of the video submission is 3 minutes.
    Separate time (30 seconds) for introduction of the act and self-introduction is allowed.
  4. Participants should be undergraduate medical students/interns currently studying in Nepal (any nationality) or can also be a Nepalese studying in any medical field (undergraduate) abroad.
  5. Any form of art that is submitted should be performed by the eligible participants.
    • Literary arts (poetry/drama/story): Should be an original content. Can be in any language
    • Visual art (painting, drawing, sculpture, digital art, doodles): Should be an original content
      If participants want to draw/sculpt/paint/digital art etc (art form) a fast-forwarded video of the artist actually doing the work should be present
    • Performance art (dance/song): It can be a cover of songs or can be a dance cover. Can be in any language.
    • If participant has posted the submitted content previously in YouTube or any other social media then that should first be removed before submission. If not, it would lead to disqualification.
  6. Photo of any form of Identification card/certificate (showing that they are an undergraduate student or intern) of the participants should also be submitted with the video.
  7. The submitted content would be reviewed by the organizers for quality and relevance to the theme and would be published via the Facebook page of MeLeSoN.
  8. From each category 5 videos will be selected for final day of the live event to be Judged by respected jury.
    • 3 entries from each category with the highest numbers of likes in that post will be selected for final day event and 2 would be wildcard entry selected by the organizers according to relevance and quality of the submission for the final day of the event.
    • The person who likes the submission should also follow MeLeSoN Facebook page and auto likes from apps will not be accounted for.
  9. Grand prize for an overall winner will be Rs. 50,000 and categorical winner will receive Rs. 10,000 each.
  10. The videos which have been submitted for the event, MeLeSoN will have right to publish, share the videos in different social media platforms and other online platforms.
*Credit to the original creators will always be mentioned.

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