In continuation with the intra-societal development, MeLeSoN will hold a Clinical Forensic Training from 10 – 12 April 2019. This will be conducted at Pokhara Village Resort, Pokhara. This training will be consist of 2 days of interactive lectures, discussions and group work on ‘Examination of Victims of Sexual Assault and Gender based Violence,’ as well as a day on ‘Clinical Forensic Age Estimation.’ This Training is open only to MeLeSoN members. The recent trends of increased incidences of heinous crimes related to Sexual assault and other forms of Gender based Violence is a cause for worry. While prevention of these forms of gross Human Rights violations is best achieved through advocacy, education and awareness, it is also important to develop competent human resources within the medical community to help establish justice for the survivors. It is thus important to develop competency and uniformity in the medical examination of victims of sexual assault and gender based violence.  This should be done in adherence to national as well as international standards and protocols. This training will focus on the examination and documentation of the findings and their interpretation and reporting to assist in the judicial process. Furthermore, due to the nature of Nepalese Laws, the need for estimation of the age of the survivor as well as the accused is also an integral part of the medical examination in cases of sexual assault and other forms of gender based violence. This training will aim to develop a national reference developed by Forensic Experts to be used for estimation of age. This will also aim to bring consistency in the reporting of the findings throughout the medico-legal system of Nepal.

Dr. Eugen Dolma is the Lead trainer for this training. She has conducted numerous trainings, seminars and workshops for various national and international organizations in Nepal to develop their capacity in the documentation, examination and reporting in cases of sexual assault and other forms of gender based violence. She has examined hundreds of clinical forensic cases and has attended court as expert witness.

Registration Fees 

Spot Registration         NPR 5000

Includes Conference kits, Lunch and refreshments during the training and Banquet Dinner Does not Include Accomodation, Transportation etc.

Bank details

​Bank Name HIMALAYAN BANK LTD. Branch Maharajgunj

Beneficiary Medico-legal Society Of Nepal
Account Number 002 0600526 0016 


Final Schedule

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