Dear MeLeSoN members,

Greetings from the New MeLeSoN Executive committee for 2077 – 2079.

We would like to thank the previous Executive Committee for their hard work and dedication in developing the society and medico-legal sector in Nepal. The programs conducted focused on professional development and while multiple programs were conceived for developing inter-disciplinary collaboration, the COVID-19 pandemic led to the cancellation of a number of these planned events.

We will actively seek out partners to help in developing the field and develop collaborations with to assist in maximizing the access to specialist medico-legal services throughout Nepal and continue the work undertaken by the previous Executive Committee. Medico-Legal Society of Nepal will continue to strive for developing forensic investigation of crime in Nepal. To this end, the executive committee will continue to promote awareness and development of medico-legal field in Nepal through its activities and advocacy.

Plan for 2077-79

MeLeSoN will continue to develop collaborations nationally and internationally to assist in maximizing the access to specialist medico-legal services throughout Nepal. MeLeSoN will continue with capacity building and developing the readiness of Nepalese professionals to respond to any need. MeLeSoN will continue to support its members by providing exposure and professional development.

Specifically, for the coming term 2077-79, MeLeSoN intends to annually conduct at least 2 trainings with international facilitation. The executive committee is in contact with various stakeholders regarding possible collaborations in conducting workshops, seminar, trainings etc. The details of the programs will be disseminated once they are finalized.

The permission provided to Kathmandu Medical College and Kathmandu University School of Medical Sciences to develop autopsy centers for Bhaktapur and Kavre respectively should pave the path for the development of additional centers in other medical colleges.

The previous executive committee was not able to work on its aim of a compulsory 2-weeks rotation in Forensic Medicine during Internship, and the development of additional centers will only further assist in this endeavor. We hope to be able to initiate contact with Nepal Medical Council for this important task.

The Society, in collaboration with Indian Association of Medico-Legal Experts (IAMLE), organized the first Medico-Legal Conference in Nepal from 12-15 September 2019 at Hotel Akama. The conference was a grand success with 152 participants from 13 countries dishing out an excellent banquet for the intellect and academics. We propose organizing the 2nd Medico-Legal Conference in Nepal for 2021, would like to request all members to actively assist in ensuring the success of the event.

Forensic practitioners not only assist in criminal investigation, but also play a valuable role in dissemination of reliable information on important health-related issues. As such, recent events related to the management of confirmed COVID-19 deaths, as well as the misinformation being spread in social media about the alleged illegal harvest of organs and the recent Bir Hospital circular, we feel it is important to now focus not only on the professional development of the fraternity but more importantly on advocacy of issues related to death. For this, we would like to develop advocacy and dissemination meetings, seminars and workshops with collaboration with local youth organizations to help curb the spread of misinformation.

In conclusion, the Society has been extremely active in the development of medico-legal services not only in Nepal but also in the Asia Pacific Region and we would like to thank the previous executive committee for their achievement and hope for their continued support and co-operation. We assure you that we will be continue striving for improving the field and ensuring recognition in Nepal and internationally.



Eugen Dolma