Dear MeLeSoN members,

Greetings from the New MeLeSoN Executive committee for 2075 – 2077.

I would like to thank the previous executive committee for their hard work and dedication to ensure the recognition of the medico-legal sector. The new executive committee and I will strive to match the giant strides taken during the first two years of this society and hope to have the support of all members in this endeavor.

Forensic Medicine and related disciplines assist in criminal investigation as well as in safeguarding the public from various health issues. Forensic experts are thus an integral cog not only in the legal system but also in medical service. The importance is emphasized when looking at recent increases in cases of violence against doctors as well as allegations of medical negligence. It is therefore important to develop the capacity of members of our fraternity to assist in tackling this problem. The executive committee express our commitment and dedication towards the professional development of all MeLeSoN members as well as towards collaboration and co-operation activities between all member institutes for the betterment of the society. For this, a viber group will be setup for all MeLeSoN members, with an online session to be held every two weeks, with a set agenda and time.

As the first decision of the executive committee, MeLeSoN has decided to provide a fund of Rs 25,000 to each host institution for the four trainings and workshops. Additional costs can be collected through registration fees or additional sponsorships. All members of MeLeSoN are requested to facilitate in finding resources, whether financial or otherwise. It is therefore imperative to contact the host institutions at the earliest to facilitate this process. I would like to reiterate that all internal programs for MeLeSoN members will be conducted at no profit.

Please feel free to contact any of the executive members including myself personally if you have any suggestions, queries or complaints. I look forward to your support in increasing the recognition and support for MeLeSoN and all its members nationally as well as internationally.


Dr. Rijen Shrestha