The incidence of sexual violence is notoriously difficult to measure and there is no single data bank that can accurately mirror the prevalence of sexual crimes in a society. But if such data are collected and analyzed from time to time, the picture can become clearer, and the problem of sexual crimes in our population better understood.

The data used here for statistical evaluation is the total number of alleged sexual assault cases whose examination was conducted at the  Department of Forensic Medicine, Maharajgunj Medical Campus in the three years of 2069 to 2072 B.S.

The total number of alleged sexual assault cases that were registered in these three years was 285.

A table, two pie-charts and two graphs have been used to present the picture of the problem of sexual crimes in our country.

The following table shows the number of cases according to the age group:

                        Age group                         Number of cases
           Less than 5 years                                 20
           6 to 10 years of age                                 42
          11 to 15 years of age                                 124
          16 to 20 years of age                                 53
          21 to 25 years of age                                 24
          26 to 30 years of age                                 8
          31 to 35 years of age                                 7
          36 to 40 years of age                                 3
          41 to 45 years of age                                 1
          46 to 50 years of age                                 1
          51 to 55 years of age                                 1
          56 to 60 years of age                                 1
          Total number of cases                                 285

Figure 1.  Sex distribution of the alleged sexual assault victims

Of the total number of 285 cases, 7 (2.40 %) were male, with  6 of them in the under 6 to 10 years age group, and 1 was two-and-a-half years old. The 278 females accounted to 97.6 % of the total.  Of the 278 females, 124 were in the 11 to 15 years age group.

Figure 2. Age distribution of the cases

Figure 3. Alleged perpetrators of sexual assault

According to the history taken from the victims, among the alleged perpetrators, 198 were acquaintances (69.5 %) who were either boyfriends, neighbors, house owners or school teachers; 60 were strangers (21 %); 20 were relatives (7 %), and 7 were fathers of the victims (2.5 %).


Figure 4. Distribution of cases according to the findings after examination

While performing the clinical examination of the alleged victims, 159, or 55.8 %, of the total of 285 cases had positive findings corroborative with the history provided by the victims.


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